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All white wonderful - Tilespace - JHB - CPT

The birthstone of June is the perfect pearl. In this blog, we have some of our incredible tiles and bathroom furniture inspired by the wondrous white pearl.

Wondrous white pearl tiles and bathroom furniture - Tilespace - CPT - JHB

It is said that pearls attract good luck and wealth

The same can be said about this pearly white floating bathroom vanity. With the sinks and cupboard storage being offset, it creates space and movement in the room.

White-tiled Kitchens

Pearly white subway tiles for a kitchen is a look that will never go out of fashion. One can modernise the space with accents and contemporary furniture.

Wondrous white pearl tiles and bathroom furniture - Tilespace - CPT - JHB
Icona collection - Retro kitchen white tiles - Tilespace - CPT - JHB

A quaint kitchen with small white tiles provides anything but quaint looks. These small, textured tiles from our Icona collection give a kitchen a retro remake.

Old-fashioned with a touch of luxury. Mix some subway tiles with bold veined marble tiles to create a room that is beautifully unique.

Bold veined marble tiles - Kitchen Tiles - Tilespace - CPT - JHB

A state-of-the-art kitchen is amplified with these pearl white marble tiles with delicate veining.

Pearl white marble tiles - Kitchen Tiles - Tilespace - CPT - JHB

White Bathrooms

A gorgeous floating vanity cabinet stands out in a spectacular way against a terrazzo-tiled wall.

Floating Bathroom vanity cabinet - terrazzo-tiled wall - Tilespace - CPT - JHB
Luxury Marble Kitchen Tile Collection - Tilespace - CPT - JHB

If you are building a bathroom for a hotel or small BnB, this small, yet luxurious vanity is ideal.

White Large Luxury Marble tile collection - Tilespace - CPT - JHB

Our vanities are fitted with an anti-slam feature to ensure longevity.