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Autumn-inspired Tiles - Tilespace CPT - JHB - DBN - SA

As we head into Autumn, we wanted to share some Autumn-inspired tiles for your home.

Terralma Collection - Inspired by Earthy Tones - Tilespace - SA - DBN - JHB - CPT

This vibrant tile from our Terralma collection is inspired by earthy tones. It has a matte surface that infuses personality as well as inspires expression for unique spaces.

The Arizona colour personifies autumn and the beautiful colours the season has to offer.

Brighten up your bathroom with flashy autumn orange tiles. These subway-style orange tiles matched with our Ms.Barcelona collection, which is a fusion of limestones, cement, and basalts are used to create a striking effect with sculptured finishes.

Flashy Autumn Orange Bathroom Tiles - Tilespace - SA - DBN - CPT - JHB

“Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the Autumn tree.” – Emily Brontë

Autumn Bold Tiles - Tilespace - SA - JHB - CPT - DBN

And for us, this bold tile mimics the leaves of an Autumn tree with its earthy tones and different textures. Providing you with pure bliss and a touch of luxury with the subtle marble fragments throughout.

The glossy marble - Tilespace - SA - JHB - CPT - DBN

These intense cocoa tiles have a golden vein that crosses and illuminates the chocolate-toned surface. The glossy marble gives it a grand feel for a sophisticated, luxury home.

Large-format tiles - Tilespace - SA - JHB - CPT - DBN

Large-format tiles are always one of our favourites for an interior. They visually expand a space and have fewer grout lines, providing the space with an uninterrupted, clean look.

Perfect for a contemporary, minimalistic approach.

Autumn-inspired concrete tiles - Tilespace - SA - JHB - CPT - DBN

A mixture of Autumn-inspired concrete tiles from our Oh!Take collection which embodies simplicity and elegance. This tile is ideal for both floors and walls and creates a beautiful atmosphere.

Gouache Tile collection - Tilespace - SA - JHB - CPT - DBN (1)

Gouache, a tile collection with a range of different tones, provides a canvas for creative spirits. The movement of the brush reveals nuances and forms a surprising layer of colour. This dark brown tile is ideal for a bathroom or feature wall.