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Renovating your bedroom? Looking for inspiration?
Look no further!

The bedroom is the one room in the house that you want to resonate with the most, this is because your bedroom should be a reflection of who you are and how you want to feel in your most valuable times of the day, when you are resting.

Designer Bedroom Tiles - Tilespace

Serenity and well-being are at the forefront of everyone’s minds and what we are all longing for. Achieve just that by adding soothing, serene warmer tones to your bedroom through high-end tiles.

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If you are designing or building a bedroom for a high-end, luxury hotel, you may be looking to create a sleek, professional look for your customers. Wood-look tiles offer a polished feel that will leave your visitors feeling like celebrities.

Bedroom Wall Tiles - Tilespace - Designer Tiles

A look that has never been out of style – marble.

Marble look tiles come with an immediate feeling of refined elegance, making it ideal for luxury homes.

The striking combination of grey veined white marble and a rich wood grain brings a lavish feel to a room, while earthy marble tones bring a true sense of luxury and provide the warmth and comfort a bedroom requires.

Ultra-modern, high-end, luxury spaces.

This look is suited to a fashion-forward, minimalist personality who always knows how to make a space look good.

Bedroom Floor Tiles - Tilespace
Bedroom Floor Tiles - Bedroom Excellence - Tilespace

The ruggedness of wood mixed with the elegance of porcelain is a contrast perfect for any modern home. Further amplified with customised decorative elements.

Bedroom Designer Tiles - Tilespace

Get this stunning look with our unique speckled tiles from our Parade collection and create your very own oasis.