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Ultimate Guide to Choosing Bathroom Vanities - Tilespace JHB - CPT
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A bathroom is an extension of the room, it is a space for relaxation and style.

Salgar offers a range of different coloured vanities to suit any bathroom.

A bathroom is sometimes a room that gets overlooked when building or remodeling a home. But because it is the place you use first and last in the day, it should be the most important. Quality is, therefore, a must when designing a bathroom.

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6 step guide on how to choose the correct vanity:

Choosing a vanity can be a difficult and daunting experience because there are many different variations available. Here is a 6 step guide to help make your decision easier:

  1. Consider who is using it
  2. Find out where your plumbing is
  3. Consider all potential obstacles to decide placement and size
  4. Decide what kind of storage is wanted and how much space is needed
  5. Determine your sink style
  6. Decide your materials/bathroom theme

Vanity Types

Single or Double sink? Pedestal or vessel? The options may seem daunting but always remember to take a deep breath and think about the 6 steps and you will make the right decision.

Whether you go with a simple traditional style or custom-designed vanity, before you start, be sure you have enough space for the look you want.

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A free-standing vanity has a minimalistic profile, it can be made in a square or rectangular shape, allowing it to support two sinks. Great for a master or guest bathroom

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A wall-mounted vanity also called a floating vanity, is directly and securely mounted on your bathroom wall. This type of vanity gives your bathroom an open, contemporary look and provides floor space underneath.

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This type of vanity sits above your countertop with a bowl and has its own separate tap. A vessel sink can be an elaborate style with intricate patterns and designs or can be a simplistic design.

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Under-mounted Sink

An under-mounted sink has a basin built-in to the countertop of your vanity. This style, although it has limited space underneath the sink, it is has a sleek, smooth appearance.

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A vanity cabinet is designed similarly to kitchen cabinets with pull-out drawers that can be custom made for your storage needs.

All of Salgar’s vanities are created with utmost quality, from the materials to the draws, which are all slam-resistant.

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