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Captivating Contemporary - Sophisticated - Tilespace CPT -Johannesburg

Contemporary, Modern, Sophisticated.

Contemporary is defined as “belonging to the present time.”

But what does this mean for tiling?

It means that the tile you choose fits into the modern style that is currently trending, but this does not limit you to only one style as many styles can be trending at one time.

Contemporary is different, it is stylish, it is trendy.

Here are some of our stunning contemporary tiles to provide you with some inspiration:

Stunning Contemporary Tile - Tilespace Cape Town - Tilespace Johannesburg

White is a shade that represents cleanliness, freshness and simplicity. If you are looking to bring these aspects into your home but kick it up a notch with a contemporary flare, a combination of textured tiles is the way to go.

Your design possibilities with our Endless tile range are truly endless.

Whether you are looking for a contemporary accent wall, a countertop, wall, or floor tiles, this unique tile will bring a fresh, modern look to your space. Available in a variety of colours to make a bold statement.

Endless contemporary Tile - Tilespace Cape Town - Tilespace Johannesburg
Modern contemporary Tiles - Tilespace Cape Town - Tilespace Johannesburg

These modern tiles combine textures typical of wallpaper to metal surfaces. The combination of the concrete-like, velvety floor tiles and marble wall tiles is the ultimate modern, contemporary bathroom.

Distinctive Floor Tiles - Tilespace Cape Town - Tilespace Johannesburg

This tile provides a distinctive touch to any private or public architecture project. It is perfect for outdoor or indoor applications, is more resistant and long-lasting and is sure to bring a modern, contemporary feel to a large or small area.

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