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Crazy about concrete - Tilespace

Satisfy your cravings for new concrete tiles with our latest collections!

We can’t wait to show you our new concrete tile collections from Portobello. Browse our latest ranges and find the perfect tiles and gain some incredible inspiration to design your new space.

Creta - Concrete Tiles - Tilespace

Creta is monochromatic in different intensities and has the ability to transform a basic surface into something extraordinary.

Creta Elongated Tiles - Concrete Tiles - Tilespace

Elongated shapes and varying tones give these concrete tiles a bold and dynamic feel. Available in 11×120, 60×120 and 05×25 formats, it is a versatile option for both floors and walls.


Salt Lake - Concrete tiles
unique collection - Salt Lake - Concrete Tiles

The captivating salt ponds served as inspiration for this unique collection. Salt Lake features striking contrasts in tones and fluid oxidized color details, providing the product with a distinct and exceptional personality.

Concrete Tiles - Tilespace


Returning to the essence of things means acknowledging the potency of their origins. What are the fundamental materials that form the basis of an architectural element? “Materia Prima” is a concept that represents these essential, traceable, and sustainable materials. These include pure earth, water, and clay mixtures that all originate from the earth. Each tone and texture that nature embodies in the earth originates from a unique type of clay, and every tone has a distinct history and story behind it.

Materia Prima Tiles - 1
Materia Prima Tiles - 2


Fuso - Concrete Tiles

Concrete is a material that embodies the diversity of influences and reintroduces the new. It may be minimalistic yet not at all simplistic. Embedded within its structure are memories of Viking conquests, Alpine crossings, and the might of Etna. Fuso, with its diverse range of forms and applications, can shape spaces that tell a story.

Fuso - Concrete Tiles - 1
Fuso - Concrete Tiles - 2
Fuso - Concrete Tiles - 3
Fuso - Concrete Tiles - 4


Ruy Ohtake - Creations

Ruy Ohtake, a master of Brazilian architecture, never fails to amaze us with his innovative creations. He constantly pushes the boundaries of what is possible with materials, resulting in bold and ingenious designs. The combination of concrete and color is a signature of his work, and despite its simplicity, it exudes elegance and charm. The subtle use of color and blend of small aggregates add depth and dimension to his designs, making them truly unique.

Ruy Ohtake - Creations - 1