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Ultimate Design Collaboration with Akara Design Studios

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Ultimate Design Collaboration with Akara Design Studios — TileSpace

We recently completed a spectacular project with interior design experts – Akara Design Studios – where they used a range of our tiles throughout the home.

The results were breathtaking, so we asked the Director / Interior Architect, Chayneeka Jayawardena about her opinion on the project and what drove her design decisions.

About Chayneeka Jayawardena:

Project Collab with Akara Design - Tilespace - JHB - SA - CPT

Architect, designer, and artist, Chayneeka has always been a creative at heart, throughout her career; she is continuously drawn to and inspired by interior design, beautiful spaces and objects. Her career path has taken her on a spontaneous journey, after four years in corporate & retail architectural industry; she made the bold decision to start up her own interior design studio.  With an eye for detail and a focus on creating spaces that look authentic, she is now venturing out to follow her passion for interior design and use her artistic and architectural vision to create dynamic interior spaces.

She is passionate about creating innovative and beautiful spaces to inspire people and create a sanctuary for them. As an accredited Green Building Council professional for interiors, she has a sensitive approach to designing sustainable spaces and believes that sustainability and nature in any project is key to ensuring that spaces are healthy and innovative to live, work and play in.

About the project.

The client took a liking to concrete from the onset of this project, the interior scheme then needed to translate that ‘’concrete look’’ into various applications such as the floors and walls in the home without the space feeling too harsh & industrial.

Design Collaboration with Akara Design Studios - Tilespace SA - JHB - CPT - SA

Akara Design Studios loved the Imola Azuma large format tile, which worked seamlessly with the interiors scheme because of its beautiful concrete tone, which was not too overpowering.

For the rest of the home, they took inspiration from nature and used rock & marble-inspired tile ranges, such as; Leonardo’s Ashima, Imola’s The Room, and Imola’s X-Rock.

Large Format Tile Statement.

Chayneeka’s favourite tile is the 1200 x 2600mm Trex Slab from La Faenza, which they used to clad the fireplace, it definitely is a statement piece in the formal lounge area.

These large format tile slabs are her favorite because one can use them in so many different & creative applications and not be limited to wall and floor tiling applications.

Some advice from Chayneeka:

“When it comes to tiles, I always believe that the size of the tile plays an important role together with the layout of the space. If you have an open-plan space, then a large format tile is definitely the way to go, so that one reduces as many grout lines as possible and makes it look as seamless as possible.

If you have decided to tile a staircase, then again the large format tiles come in handy, because you can get away with having a full tile on each step without having any cut tiles.

When selecting a floor tile, always try to go for a light neutral tone that is not too busy and over powering so it does not date and will work with most colour schemes.”

We will leave you with a few inspirational pictures of the project:

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