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Dreamy Bathroom Designs - Tilespace

Looking for some inspiration to help design the perfect bathroom? Look no further. Take a look at how you can use some of our products to design a bathroom that is luxurious, on-trend and oh-so-dreamy.

Organic Geometry.

Create a warm and inviting space that exudes modern elegance with a wooden vanity from our Attila range, terrazzo flooring from the Venetian Marble collection, and geometric 3D wall tiles.

Organic Geometry Bathroom Designs - Tilespace

The wooden vanity provides a natural and organic feel to the space while adding texture and warmth, and is complemented by the sleek, modern touch of terrazzo. Geometric wall tiles add visual interest and depth to the room.

Modern Farm-style.

Modern Farm-style Bathroom Designs - Tilespace

Design a one-of-a-kind bathroom with a sleek vanity from our Uniiq series matched with a large slab in a 1.2m by 2.6m format used as a wall tile to create that seamless effect, and wood-look tiles creating the perfect blend of classic modern and ever-so-slightly rustic elements.

You can mix and match patterns and hues, with our Uniiq vanities coming in a range of colours and configurations, and the Crea-La tile collection offering a large variety of patterns. Wood-look tiles from the Kuni collection add warmth to the space and are perfectly suited for wet areas in the bathroom.

Modern Farm-style hue colours

Seaside Simplicity.

For a serene and natural ambiance, pair a wooden vanity from our Attila range with subtle marble flooring and seaside blue wall tiles from the Slash collection. This creates the perfect blend between the marble flooring and the organic wooden vanity, evoking a calm, tranquil feel perfect for relaxation.

Seaside Simplicity Bathroom Designs - Tilespace

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