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We recently asked our in-house design experts about their personal favourites and top tips they share with their clients from the showroom floor.
It has been interesting to see the variety of styles that our team have fallen in love with. And the most common tip shared among them? Don’t be afraid to go big! Large-format tiles are certainly trending with Team Tilespace.

If you don’t trust the person that is helping you to choose your tiles; tread with caution. There are many potential pitfalls in choosing the right tile for you and the cheaper option is often the most costly.

Calvin van der Merwe - Architectural Business Manager, JHB

Bigger really is better.

The seamless effect of large format tiles is the way to go and you will end up with a gorgeous feature with much less grout lines interfering with the beautifully designed wall or floor.

Melanie Coetzee - Internal Sales Executive, CPT

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