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Industrial And Iconic - Tilespace - JHB - CPT

Have you ever dreamed of living in an industrial New-York-style loft? Think gorgeous exposed brick walls, huge windows, and rustic flooring.

Characterized by a minimalistic approach, with stripped-back colour palettes, unfinished surfaces and utilitarian pieces, this style creates a warm and inviting atmosphere while maintaining an edgy, industrial aesthetic.

We’re going to show you how you can achieve this look with some of our very own products.

Tube Collection - Imola Tile Collection - Industrial Inspired Look

The Tube collection by Imola is your go-to for an industrial-inspired look. Create the illusion of a large industrial paned window by using smaller rectangular tiles on the wall, or use larger tiles on the floor for a true warehouse feel. You can design a faux exposed brick wall by laying thin rectangular tiles in a staggered pattern. With its unique blend of textures and tones, Tube holds the key to your new dream space.

By combining modern and rustic elements, such as exposed brick, concrete, and metal, you can create a unique, industrial look with a contemporary, trendy feel.

The idea of industrial interior design is to take a minimalistic approach to decor, allowing the raw materials to take center stage. Concrete tiles are perfect for implementing this style in your home, such as tiles from our Factory or Waterfront ranges. Their unique and perfectly imperfect details make them a key design component of an industrial space.