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The size of tiles have grown immensely over the past few years. Large format tiles have moved from being used in a commercial space only, to being vastly popular in the residential space.

What is a Large Format Tile?

With the latest technologies being used, a large format tile is any tile that has at least one edge larger than 600mm, however individual tiles can even be 1200x2600 in size, and even then the market continues to offer still larger formats. They are mainly made of porcelain or sintered stone and are available in square or rectangle shapes.

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If you are looking to make a statement in your home, introducing large format tiles is the way to achieve it.

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Large format tiles have minimal grout lines because the tile provides more coverage. Because of the less grouting, you are able to achieve a crisp, unified look in the design of a room, creating a wallpaper effect.

They are a great alternative to paint or wallpaper as one does not need to repaint. There is also less maintenance required to keep large format tiles clean because of the inherent surface qualities of porcelain.

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Large format tiles offer a modern, sleek design and give a space a contemporary edge. To get an extra modern effect in a room, use the same large tile for your wall and your floor.

Grout lines can often distract your eyes in an open space, large format tiles reduce visual interruption and make a space look bigger, thus offering some relief for your eyes and creating a cohesive look. If you want to create an illusion of space being wider, large format tiles can help you achieve this if used horizontally, similarly, if you want to make walls in a room look taller, place your large tiles vertically.

Correct installation is key:

As the size of tiles become larger, the importance of correct installation practices become critical especially when dealing with porcelain slabs. Ensure that you employ an experienced installer that has the correct tools for the job and utilizes the correct adhesives. A good installation will preserve your tile investment in a way that far out-weighs the cost of quality workmanship.

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