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Luxury marble tiles to enhance your interior - Tilespace - JHB - CPT

Are you looking for the right tile for your high-end space?

Marble tiles have long been at the top of the list when it comes to luxury. This is because marble is considered a fine stone and has an opulent look to it.

There are many different ways to implement marble tiles in a space, from walls to floors, to free-standing islands, we will share some inspiration to enhance your premium home and create the wow factor you dream of.

Glossy white tiles - Tilespace - CPT - JHB

These glossy white tiles with distinct grey veining pair with wooden features like fine wine and cheese. They are perfect for a beach home or for a space designed to be light and warm.

If you are looking to do something a little different with your marble tiles, take them to the shower.

A shower fitted with large-format brown marble tiles creates a true sense of all that luxury has to offer. It will make you feel like royalty every morning as you step into this oasis.

Large-format brown marble tiles - Bathroom Tiles - Tilespace
White marble tiles - Tilespace - CPT - JHB

You could go classic with these white marble tiles that are full of exuberance and are defined by the movement and grandeur they create. Magnify their brightening and lighting effects with large slabs.

Earthy tones - Tilespace - CPT - JHB

Or you can use them to surround a fireplace. The earthy tones and the firelight work well together to bring warmth to the space.

A unique and stunning way to bring marble into your space is with these striking black marble tiles with thin veining that demand the attention of each person that enters the room. Use them in an array of different applications, all complimenting each other perfectly.

Black marble tiles - Tilespace - JHB - CPT

Looking for more inspiration?

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