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Perfect tiles for family time outdoors - Tilespace - CPT - JHB

In our last mailer, we shared an array of splendid tiles for family rooms indoors. This week we are sharing our favourite tiles for the outdoors!

Although our wardrobes are changing from shorts and shirts to track pants and jerseys, and our days outdoors are beginning to diminish, summer pools are built in winter!

Our Sunset collection was developed specifically for swimming pools. The motion of the design and tone variations stands out against the water to reveal a beautiful effect. Available in a range of colours.

Sunset collection - Swimming Pool Tile Collection - Tilespace CPT JHB

Your outdoor space should mirror your interior.

If you have luxury tiles inside, you should have them outside too. These iPanema outdoor tiles are the perfect fit for your patio. With fine grooves and a stunning texture, they aid in preventing slipping.

iPanema outdoor tiles - Patio tiles - Tilespace CPT JHB

Below are more of our spectacular outdoor tiles:

Bleu De Savoie Collection - Outdoor Tile Collection - Tilespace JHB - CPT

Bleu De Savoie Collection

Moss Collection - Outdoor Collection - Tilespace JHB - CPT

Moss Collection

iPanema Collection - Outdoor Collection - Tilespace JHB - CPT

iPanema Collection

Folk Collection - Outdoor Collection - Tilespace - CPT - JHB

Folk Collection

Artsy Collection - Outdoor Collection - Tilespace - JHB -CPT

Artsy Collection

Ms.Barcelona Collection - Outdoor Collection - Tilespace - JHB - CPT

Ms.Barcelona Collection