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Unrivaled quality in stone and concrete tiles

We have a range of different stone and concrete tile collections that are the epitome of quality. With defined textures, you can’t go wrong with one of our luxurious collections.

True quality is seen up close and experienced with the touch of a hand.

One of our newest collections, Gea is designed to be softer, with minimal lines.

The tiles from this collection are delicate, enveloping, and refined. With an array of warm colours, this tile is ideal for any space.

Gea Tile Collection - Tilespace - CPT - JHB - SA

More from the Gea Collection:

The natural style of stone tiles is a great way to create a welcoming room. Our Gea collection combines the temperance of natural materials with a delicate, elegant tile. With a choice of grey or brown hues, this collection is ideal for any space.

Gea Tile Collection - Elegant Grey and Brown Tile Hue - Tilespace - CPT - JHB

The Azuma Up Collection

Not all concrete tiles have to be plain. Our ‘one of a kind’ patterned large format tiles from our Azuma Up collection shows that there is beauty in bold and busy.

Azuma Up Collection - Patterned Tiles - Tilespace - SA - CPT - JHB
Azuma Up Large Patterned Tiles - Tilespace - SA - CPT - JHB

The Vibes Collection

Harmony, balance, and vibrancy.

Our Vibes collection embodies all of this and more. Stone tiles create a desirable texture into a minimalist room. When paired with an ornate stone wall tile, you have the perfect look and feel.

Vibes Collection - Tilespace SA- CPT - JHB - CPT

A stone-inspired bathroom is perfection in every way.

The look provides an exhilarating experience, transporting you to the midst of the mountains and provides a connection to nature that we long for.

Stone-inspired bathroom - Vibes Collection - Tilespace - CPT - JHB