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Textured tile inspiration for your home - Tilespace - CPT - JHB

Stone, concrete and wood-look tiles provide a space with beautiful texture.

Here are some of our favourite textured tiles to give you inspiration for your home.

Stone tiles

Beautifully craft your home with Gea, our natural stone tile collection.

Gea Tiles - Natural stone tile collection - Tilespace - CPT - JHB
Terrazzo tiles - Attitude collection - Tilespace - CPT - JHB

Tiles add so much flavour to your spaces.

These Terrazzo tiles from the Attitude collection will give you all the zest that your space is craving.

Stones come in all shapes and sizes, although our stone tiles are cut with perfect precision.

You’ll find the perfect fit in our Gea collection.

Stone tiles - Gea Tile Collection - Tilespace - CPT -JHB

Wood-look tiles

Wood-look tiles - Wood collection - Tilespace - JHB - CPT

Everybody loves the warmth and character that comes with a wooden floor. You can bring the outside in without any of the hassle with these wood-look tiles from the Wood collection.

Faux wood perfection. Kuni from Imola.

Faux wood - Kuni - Imola Tile Collection - Tilespace - JHB - CPT

Concrete tiles

Minimalism remains a core pillar in the interior design world. Simplification shines with tasteful texture.

Concrete tiles Collection - Tilespace - JHB - CPT