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The Powerful Beauty of Colour

“Colour possesses a language without words.” – Billy Dugger

Wall tiles have always been known for their strong presence in bathrooms or kitchens, but over the years we have seen other interior spaces that call for a tile-focused revamp.

In today’s modern world, interior designers and homeowners are becoming more daring with their interior decor choices. They have begun moving away from your standard neutral-coloured aesthetic into a more colorful, bold, and daring aesthetic.

Traditionally, if designers or homeowners wanted to introduce colour to their walls, they used wallpaper or paint, however, now they are opting for another way to add rhythm, colour, pattern, and life. This is where tiles come in and transform an entire space.

Brick-red tile - Terralma Collection

This rich, brick-red tile from the Terralma Collection introduces a subtle, yet strong presence of colour, elevating the room and creating an atmosphere that can’t be described, only felt.

Soft Green tile - Our VIS collection

Not all colourful tiles need to be bright, this elusive, soft green tile from our VIS collection adds a different dimension to this bathroom. Amplify the green with accents and plants to create a unified look.

Brighten up a modern bathroom with a feature wall fitted with these delicate, luxury tiles from our Stile collection.

Luxury Stile collection

If you prefer a loud, bold, burst of colour, these tiles are the perfect addition to bring beauty and vibrance into a room.

Bold Tiles - Tulum Tile Collection
Jaipur Tiles
Midnight Groove
Midnight Groove 
Zanzibar Tiles