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No space is ever truly complete without tiling. Tiled floors have stood the test of time as the ideal floor surface for many reasons. Here are some tips to help you when selecting the right tiles for your home.

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Not every tile is for every space. When installing tiles consider the purpose of the room. Ask yourself is the space going to be a high traffic area or is it more low traffic areas?  In places where there is a possibility of water being present such as bathrooms, outside and pool areas then you may need to consider the slipping risks.

High-traffic areas require tiles that are easy to maintain and that are durable so they can stand the test of time and remain flawless. Think of these tiles for areas like the kitchen, common room, reception rooms and other public spaces. Look for tiles that can be easily wiped clean with minimum effort and detergent. The Endless and Overcome ranges of tiles are created for this purpose and these tiles can even be polished back to their original pristine condition later in their life-cycle.

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Your lifestyle will dictate your surface choice. Polished and glossy tiles may look sleek and elegant but would show dirt, marks and footprints more easily.  Matte or textured finished tiles handle high-traffic areas well, disguising dust and dirt more easily. Matte surfaces also lend themselves to more interior design options as they work well within a classic as well as a modern contemporary setting. A classy marble look can be achieved using our Oro and Bianco ranges.

Consider the colour of the tiles as we aim to create continuity you will need to use the same tiles throughout the various living areas. It’s also recommended to use the same floor tile indoors and outdoors to achieve a seamless look throughout your home.

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The feel and the texture are just as important as the look of the tiles. How the tiles feel under your feet and hands can make or break your environment. Whether it is the organic look of natural stone or timeless porcelain, choosing the right material is crucial when selecting tiles. If you are considering organic-look tiles such as stone, marble or woods, it is important to remember that you want many different design faces to give you the natural feel without repetition of the same tile across your floor.

Maintenance is important to keep your tiles looking as great as the day you got them. Having natural stone flooring is sought after but requires some effort to keep them looking amazing. Stoncrete, Limerock and X-rock tiles look and feel like natural tiles but are more durable and easier to maintain.  Marble flooring can be expensive and damaged easily. The Portobello range offers the same great style as marble with much less effort to look after.  Similar to wood floors which are expensive our faux-wood Nirvana and Koala tiles are easy to install and have the same texture as wood. No need to worry about spilt liquids ruining your floors.

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