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Tile inspiration for your home renovation or build - Tilespace - JHB - CPT

“A room should never allow the eye to settle in one place. It should smile at you and create fantasy.” – Juan Montoya

If you are renovating or building, you may be in need of some interior design inspiration. Here are some of our luxury, modern tiles to guide you in creating your perfect home.

These Moroccan-influenced fish scale tiles from our Shades Collection instantly make a space more eye-catching.

Moroccan-influenced fish scale tiles - Tilespace

While you may be hesitant to tile your entire room with these unorthodox tiles, start by using them for a bathroom feature wall or kitchen splashback.

Unapologetic opulence.

When you walk into a room tiled with our Genus collection, you are quickly transported to your very own palace. A sight of luxury that cannot be forgotten.

Genus collection - unapologetic opulence - wall tiles - tilespace
Joy collection - Tilespace - JHB - CPT

Our tiles from the Joy collection have small colourful speckles that mirror the style of a terrazzo tile in their own unique and wonderful way.

Aroma collection - Natural crystal tiles - Tilespace

This Aroma collection masterfully combines glaze, natural material, crystalline finish, and colour into an undeniable appealing tile. The imperfect finish of this tile makes it perfect for a rustic space.

Nirvana collection - textured bathroom tiles - tilespace

Our texture-filled tiles from the Nirvana collection are a popular choice for bathrooms, no matter where your preferred application, faux wood is practical and provides a soothing atmosphere. It bodes an incredible texture so life-like, that you wouldn’t know the difference between real and fake.