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Tile Technology

Digital Decoration and Glazing

Our brand new AUTHENTIC collection by Portobello is inspired by innovation, with all the tiles being made using Digital Decoration and Glazing technology. This technology helps create tiles with hyperrealistic textures and details and is the height of new tile technology.

What is Digital Decoration and Glazing?

Digital Decoration and Glazing (DDG) is an advanced technique revolutionizing the ceramic tile industry. With digital decoration, intricate and detailed designs can be effortlessly printed onto ceramic tile surfaces using cutting-edge inkjet technology. This process allows for limitless customization, faster production, reduced waste, and cost-efficiency, catering to individual preferences and market trends.

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Winter interior design

What makes it so special?

Digital decoration has numerous advantages, including exceptional product decoration outcomes that previously required multiple technologies. The dry digital decorator is designed to perform selective grain application, reducing product wastage. As the only technology that uses two different dry products to create an eye-catching surface decoration, manufacturers can achieve unparalleled product enhancement flexibility and recipe personalisation, enabling just-in-time production.

The DDG technology allows for the production of on-product effects in 3D, creating richly textured decorations. Furthermore, the system offers greater potential for wet and dry decoration, both in-body and on the surface, making it ideal for achieving multiple effects such as wood and natural stone. Manufacturers can increase glazing line capacity by synchronising the DDG with the DHD, allowing for effects that would be unattainable with traditional systems.

Digital decoration tiles