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Tile Trends 2023 - Tilespace JHB CPT

2023’s tiling trends are big, bold, and flashy!

This year, design trends are all about making a statement. Bright, bold colours and unique textures are in! Let’s take a look at how you can use our tiles to incorporate some of these trends in your space.

Semi-Precious Marble

Semi-Precious Marble Tiles - Tilespace

Colourful large format marble tiles are a beautiful way to make a huge, bold statement in your home. Blue, green, yellow, black, or white, these gorgeous marble tiles bring magic and fantasy to your space in any colour you choose.

Colourful large format marble tiles - Tilespace

On the walls, floors, or BOTH! Create a stunning space coated in gorgeous stone from top to bottom.

The variety of wood species and finishings turn these products into an ideal solution for all types of installations.

Deep Colours

Colour always makes a comeback. This year, we are seeing a lot of bright colours in interior design. The industry is moving away from the neutral shades that have been prevalent in previous years and shifting towards a richer palette of shades.

These gorgeous shades from the Terralma or Slash collections are the perfect pop of colour for a bathroom or kitchen backsplash.

Deep Colours - Tilespace
Subway tiles - Tilespace

Subway tiles can be laid in a myriad of ways.

Vertical and chevron tile patterns are especially popular right now. They create a stunning visual effect that can add charm and character to the room.

Floral Prints

Floral Prints Tiles - Tilespace

These graphic patterns are the perfect way to make a bold, impactful statement in your home and bring a sense of drama.

Whether it be on the walls, floors, or kitchen backsplashes, large-format floral tiles will never go unnoticed.

Our Crea-La collection has the perfect patterned tiles to create your showstopping space.

Floral Prints - Crea-La Collection
Floral Prints - Crea-La Collection - 1

Wood-Look Tiles

Wood-Look Tiles - Tilespace

These tiles are all the rage! Wood-look tiles encapsulate all the natural beauty of a real wooden floor and create a warm, luxurious atmosphere. Their low-maintenance properties make them the perfect choice for creating an (almost) everlasting wooden wonderland.

We have a wide range of wood-look tiles that will help you create the perfect, cozy space.