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Bringing Back the '70s - Tilespace - Bathroom Tiles

The Seventies – The Golden Era

The ’70s were filled with some of the greatest music, fashion, and interior design trends of all time. Most of those trends, still alive today.

The interior design trends were charming, uplifting and left a lasting impression on interior designers around the world. With the recent Cersaie expo, we have seen many of these trends come back into play.

We have some incredible ’70s interior design elements for you to stay on trend and reminisce an era that will never be forgotten.

Patterned Tiles

While in the ’70s, they only had patterned wallpapers, we have since evolved and now have some spectacular patterned large format tiles to bring in the ’70s trend with a modern twist.

Patterned Tiles - Tilespace - Floor Tiles
Patterned Tiles - Tilespace - Bathroom Tiles
Floor Tiles - Tilespace - Designer Floor Tiles
Designer Bathroom Tiles - Tilespace - Bathroom Tiles


Terrazzo is a tile style that has been around for a number of years. While it did fall off the radar for a short while, it has come back better than ever. This speckled look is incredible in any space, creating texture and interest.

Terrazzo Wall Tiles - Tilespace
Terrazzo Floor Tiles - Tilespace

Pastel/ Colourful Furniture

If you think about the ’70s, the first thing that may come to mind is colour on colour on colour!

We have some unique coloured bathroom vanities to bring that ’70s pop to a space.

Pastel - Colourful Furniture Bathroom Tiles - Tilespace
Pastel Colourful Furniture - Bathroom Furniture - Tilespace
Pastel Colourful Furniture - Designer Wall Tiles - Tilespace