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Just the Right Amount of Vanity - TileSpace - Cape Town - Johannesburg

When renovating or building a bathroom, a vanity is something you should consider carefully as they make a big difference to way a room feels and looks.

Choosing the right vanity may be a daunting and difficult task, at Tilespace, we have a wide range of unique, on-trend vanities to suit your home to perfection. If you are looking for a single sink unit, an open or closed, or a bold coloured vanity, we have the options for you.

In this post, we share some of our bathroom vanity options for inspiration for your next renovation.

White, Ebony, and Greys

White bathroom vanities tiles - Tilespace - Cape Town - Johannesburg
Grey bathroom vanities tiles - Tilespace - Cape Town - Johannesburg

White, ebony or grey colours are some of the most popular choices for bathroom vanities. This is because they are neutral colours and are perfect for all bathroom styles.

These colours also stand the test of time, therefore you can ensure that your renovation will be on-trend for years to come. If you decide to do further renovations to your bathroom down the line and paint the walls a different color, your vanities will not need to be changed as they will still remain a trendy feature.

Open Shelving 

Open shelving is a bathroom vanity trend that has been growing over the past few years. Having a vanity with open shelves helps transform a bathroom into one that looks and feels more luxurious and creates a spa-like look.

For smaller bathrooms, open shelved vanities can make it appear larger, more friendly, and inviting.

Open Shelving Bathroom Vanity - Tilespace Cape Town - Johannesburg
Just the Right Amount of Vanity - Vanity - 5

Bringing Some Colour to a Bathroom

Just the Right Amount of Vanity - Vanity
Bathroom Feature Wall Tiles - Tilespace Cape Town - Johannesburg

Bringing colour to a bathroom doesn’t have to be dramatic and bold. You can bring in subtle colour through your bathroom vanity.

Our vanities are available in an array of colours to best suit your space. Bring colour in through a fully coloured vanity or with sections of the vanity being colourful. Either way, you bring some life and brightness into a bathroom.

Some More Vanity Inspiration

Bathroom Feature bathroom feature Wall tiles ideas - Tilespace Cape Town - Johannesburg
Bathroom Design tiles ideas - Tilespace Cape Town - Johannesburg
Bathroom wall tile - Tilespace Cape Town - Johannesburg

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